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Diamond Knowledge

Diamond Knowledge

4C represents Color, Clarity, Cutting and Carat. The 4Cs are the shared common attributes used by different grading institutes, to determine the quality and value of each diamond. Therefore, it is crucial to know the 4Cs before buying a diamond.

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Nov 12
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GIA證書鑽石 鑽石 鑽石戒指 求婚鑽戒 鑽石樓上鋪 鑽石批發 鑽石直銷 diamond engagementring diamondring giadiamond marriageringproposering 訂婚戒指 鑽戒 求婚戒指 GIA hkjewellery GIA鑽石WEDDINGBAND 線戒 bandring 條戒 結婚指環 jewellery 鑽石耳環 耳環 diamondearrings earrings... Read more
Mar 31
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The hearts and arrows pattern (often marketed under brand names such as 'Hearts on Fire') refers to a symmetrical light pattern visible using a specialized viewer in diamonds cut within certain narrow specifications.... Read more
Mar 30
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Every diamond is a miracle of time and place and chance. Like snowflakes, no two are exactly alike.... Read more
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